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PM | Innovator in ultra high-precision linear bearings and positioning systems

                   Frictionless linear slide

Linear Slides

Fitted with crossed rollerways providing precision, stiffness and smooth opeartion. A perfect choice for high-precision applications.
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Flat Mounted Bearings FMB

4-point contact precision bearing in sizes up to 500mm OD.  Available in two precision (N and P) and pre-load classes (V0 and V1).
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Events and Exhibitions Calender

15 en 16 November 2017
Precision Fair, Congrescentrum Het Koningshof, Veldhoven
Booth number 24
14 - 17 November 2017
Elmia Subcontractor; Elmiavägen 15, Jönköping
Mekom - Mekankomponenter, Booth A07-43

4 oktober 2017 - Vacature CNC frezer/programmeur

PM group is sinds kort de trotste bezitter van een unieke CNC freesmachine, de Handtmann HBZ-Aerocel! Voor deze en onze andere CNC freesmachines zoeken wij gedreven CNC frezers/programmeurs.  In deze functie houd jij je bezig met het zelfstandig frezen van klant specifieke producten met ...

100.000 pcs. PMMR Microslide Manufactured

Today (September 12th, 2017) we reached a milestone in the productionline of the microslide PMMR. Since the introduction two and a half years ago we manufactured today nr. 100.000.The PMMR is a great succes in micro assembly machines, medical equipments and optical devices. The compact size combin...

Recirculating elements

You want to reduce the size of your machine but maintain or increase the precision of the motion? Recirculating elements are an excellent choice for that. Watch our video about recirculating elements. They offer compact size, smooth motion and can be used for long travel distances. Download he...

Summer Break

After a busy period, a moment for relaxing and recharging our batteries. After the summer break we will have many great opportunities. We are almost ready to announce a new great step forward.

Winner Smart Manufacturing Award

We got him! Today PM received the Smart Manufacturing Award 2017 for district East-Netherland. The combination of innovation, flexibility and automation are some of the key factors for this success. The award winners are role models for the Dutch manufacturing industry with an excellent operationa...

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Linear Bearings

We develop and manufacture high-end products. Some product are standardized in our assortment, this is just a small overview.


Linear Bearing RSD

  • Compact Design
  • Fitted with balls or
    crossed rollers
  • Size 1.5 - 24 mm

Linear Bearing N/O

  • High stiffness
  • Heavy loadtype
  • Standard lengths 100-1200 mm

Linear Bearing RSDE

  • Higher Load Capacity
  • Optional ACC-solution
  • Standard lenghts 50-1200 mm

Centerrail type DST

  • Space-saving design
  • High accurate linear motion
  • Ease of supporting structure design

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Precision Slides

Crossed roller slides type RT

  • For highest accuracy performances
  • Strokelenghts 10-950 mm

Crossed roller slides lightweight RTA

  • Extreme low friction resistance
  • Setting standards in accuracy performances

Dust-protected slides type RTNG

  • Compact Design
  • Fitted with balls or  crossed rollers
  • Size 1.5 - 24 mm

Crossed roller slides lightweight type RTAM

  • For enhanced operation lifetime
  • Low and compact design

Positioning Tables & Stages

X-Y Cross Roller Table type KT

  • Compact, low profile stage
  • Load capacity up to 13.500 N

Precise Linear Positioners type MT

  • Extreme low friction resistance
  • Setting standards in accuracy performances

Precision Linear Stage Type RNTC

  • Travel 100 - 800 mm
  • Ball screw driven
  • Load capacity  up to 264.000 N

Modular Square X-Y Stages MSS

  • Aircraft grade aluminium
  • Broad range of options (as switches, ball screws, encoders)

Recirculating Bearings

Miniguide DSU

  • Corrosion resistance
  • Superior running quality

Miniguide DSU-F

  • High-quality carbon steel
  • Extreme smooth running
  • Excellent contamininant protection

Heavy-duty Needle Guide PNUA

  • For ultra heavy load applications
  • Extremely smooth recirculation
  • Sizes 25, 40 and 70

Precision Recirculating System DS

  • For low up to high loads
  • Preloaded by setscrews
  • Ease of replacement