Linear Stage | RTNC

Precision Linear Stages
Ball screw driven


PM’s needle roller linear translation stages type RTNC are developed to match the ever increasing demands for speed, accuracy and greater rigidity. Standard travel range is 100 – 800 mm. Greater lengths are possible on customer request. RTNC-slides offer unsurpassed precision combined with the ultimate load capacity and stiffness.





Material Table Bodies

Aluminum, clear anodize finishing




  • Incorporates anti-friction precision needle bearings type M/V/ML (with adjusting gib) and protruding needle roller cages. Provide long travel.
  • Driven by precision ball screw with pre-loaded double nut.
  • Guides and ball screw are covered by synthetic protective bellows.
  • Central lubrication system for precision linear guides and ball screw.
  • Standard lead accuracy ball screw G-25 (0.025 – 300 mm travel).
  • All mounting surfaces are precision ground. One flank of the slide ( the side opposite to the adjustment screws) is ground parallel to the linear bearings to serve as a Reference Face.
  • The stage-top comes with threaded mounting holes according to a standard configuration. The stage-base has countersunk mounting holes.
    Accepts mounting in all directions.
  • Running accuracies, see table below.

Options (consult PM)

  • Several leads and precision classes.
  • Internal home/limit switches.
  • Linear encoder either optical or magnetic.
  • Motor flange with NEMA motor mount.
  • Protective bellows with steel plates.
  • XY assembly without intermediate plate.
  • Special customer design (drawing required).
  • Assembly bracket for Z-axis.
  • Electrical pin-out custumized to your specs.
  • Black anodized or nickel plated.


Order example:
1. Model no. and quantity. -> 1 piece stage type RTNC-3200


Accuracy (Q8)

Travel (mm)


Travel (mm)


Travel (mm)


Travel (mm)


Travel (mm)


Travel (mm)


Travel (mm)


Straightness (µm) 2 3 4 5 5 6 8
Flatness (µm) 2 2 3 4 4 5 5
Pitch/Yaw/Roll angle (mrad)       0.1      
Orthogonality XY-tables (mrad)       0.03      


Tolerance on the height: +/- 0.1 mm
1 µm = 1 micron is approximately 0.000040 inches
1 arc/sec.= 4.848 mrad
1 mrad = 0.206 arc/sec.
Tables and stages can be supplied with a height tolerance of ± 0.01 mm