DS | Recirculating Systems

DS guides are compact designed linear motion systems for unlimited travel in every orientation. The parts can also be ordered as single components in case of replacements of for use in combination with single rails type RSD (catalog Linear Bearings) The DS guides are designed so that they can carry low up to high load and moment loadings in all major directions depending on the recirculating unit system.

Monorail DS


Structure and Features

  • Low profile design; DS linear guides are designed for compact design in high accuracy applications.
  • Field maintenance/components separate to order; Individual components such as recirculating units, track rails and wipers can be replaced in the field. They can be ordered seperately.
  • Full complement of balls/rollers; DS ball or roller guides are designed and with full complement of balls or rollers which combines a maximum loading capacity for these sizes. Some sizes are available with damping spacers for smoother operation in reduced load applications.
  • Adjustability; The use of individual bearings permits tuning of the bearing preload in the field for different operation conditions and machine applications.
  • Ultra high precision accuracy upto +/-0.002mm; DS linear guides are available in two high precision accuracy classes Q8 and Q4. Q8 is used general machine purpose as machine centers, milling machines and stamping presses as Q4 accuracy is ideal for ultra-high precision devices as inspection scanning equipment and semiconductor equipment.



  • Ultra High Precision Class Q4
  • Matched pairs
  • Multi-section guides
  • Preload classes V2, V3
  • Clamping Device KDS
  • Endwipers U
  • Damping spacers
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Dry run
  • Notes for ordering
  • For ordering please check that quantity and partnumber is
  • correctly mentioned.