Linear Bearings | Product Overview



Linear Bearings RSD

Linear bearings type RSD are compact guides for precise linear motion providing high accuracy and an outstanding reliability.


  • Limited stroke lengths (Including: size 4 mm)
  • Fitted with balls or crossed rollers
  • Size 1.5 – 24 mm
  • Standard lengths 20 – 1400 mm
  • Compact design




Linear Bearings type RSDE

  • Limited stroke lengths
  • Fitted with crossed rollers
  • Size 3 - 9 mm
  • Higher load capacity
  • Standard lengths 50 – 1200 mm


Linear Bearings RSDE+ACC

Our engineers refreshed a superior solution for use in hightech and extreme dynamic applications. The ACC solution has proven its ability for decades to prevent cage creep in the most demanding applications and under the most severe environment conditions.

  • Zero Cage Creep
  • High Acceleration 15G
  • Compact & Cost Saving Design 
  • Integrated in Crossed Roller
  • Bearing Design
  • All metal design

Linear Bearings type N/O

Linear bearings type N/O are suitable to support and guide high loads and moments very accurate. Due to the close arranged needle rollers they provide extremely high rigidity, high linear motion accuracy and a compact size.

  • Limited stroke lengths (New: size N/O 62015)
  • Fitted with needle rollers
  • Heavy loadtype
  • High stiffness
  • Standard lengths 100 – 1200 mm





Why ceramics? More than 2 decades of ongoing research and testing prove that ceramic linear bearings:


  • Maintain longer, more reliable performance;
  • Reduce friction;
  • Retain stiffness;
  • Operate at higher temperatures; and
  • Require less lubrication.