Introduction MT

PM’s positioning stages type MT are single-axis micrometer driven translation tables, designed for microscope-based inspection applications. Like all PM stages, MT stages are assembled with precision crossed rollerguides to assure unsurpassed travel performance in flatness and straightness with an excellent stability.

Positioning Table MT


Micrometer driven 7 - 50 mm.


Material Table Bodies

Steel, nickel plated finishing.

Stage base is through-hardened, standard bearing steel 1.2842.



  • Incorporates precision crossed roller bearings.
  • Center driven by metric micrometer, division 0.01 mm.
  • No backlash; positive spring-loaded carriage against micrometer tip for excellent repeatability. For Z-axis applications the spring-load has to be taken into account. Please consult PM.
  • Center bored hole for through light (not in model MT-1525).
  • Type MT-1525 and MT-1535 are fitted with plastic roller cage KZR. Other types are fitted with steel roller cage AA.
  • All mounting surfaces are precision ground. One flank of the slide ( the side opposite to the adjustment screws) is ground parallel to the linear bearings to serve as a Reference Face.
  • The stage-top and -base comes with threaded holes, according to the standard configuration.
  • Accepts mounting in all directions.
  • Running accuracies, see table below.



  • Micrometers: Digital (metric, imperial).
  • Lockable micrometer. (MT-2050 - MT-6150).
  • XY assembly is without intermediate plate. Please use model code KMT (example KMT-2050).
  • XYZ axis configurations with Z-bracket available.
  • Special customer design (drawing required).


Notes by ordering

By standard items please specify by ordering the following:

1. Model no. and quantity.

Example: 1 piece stage type MT-2050.



Running accuracies

Accuracy (Q8)

Travel (mm)


Travel (mm)


Travel (mm)


Travel (mm)


Travel (mm)


Travel (mm)


Travel (mm)


Straightness (µm) 2 3 4 5 5 6 8
Flatness (µm) 2 2 3 4 4 5 5
Pitch/Yaw/ Roll angle (mrad)       0.1      
Orthogonality XY-tables (mrad)      




Tolerance on the height: +/- 0.1 mm
1 µm= 1 micron is approximately 0.000040 inches
1 arc/sec.= 4.848 mrad
1 mrad = 0.206 arc/sec
Most of the tables and stages can be supplied with a height tolerance of ± 0.01 mm