About PM

We are an independent, family-owned company specialized in the
design of precision linear guides and slides as well as complete,
high-accuracy positioning systems.

PM has been in business since 1966, when PM opened its doors
as a manufacturer of crossed roller linear bearings. Over the course
of the following decades PM has gradually increased its portfolio
size and continues to do so still. This is reflected by our currently
extensive product range, that includes a wide range of
standardized and customer-specific linear bearings, available
in a host of length and material configurations. Through our
ongoing research and engineering projects, we are able offer
tailor-made positioning solutions customized to specific applications, too. 


For example:
Ceramic linear bearings which we developed and brought to the market
in 2005 as the first manufacturer. Today they are used in demanding
applications like electron beam applications and medical equipment.

The world smallest crossed rollerslide PMMR, introduced in 2015.
Today used in demanding applications like high speed pick-and-place machines


PM’s customer-base is founded in field that include but are not limed to:

  • The semiconductor industry
  • Optics and Photonics
  • Medical solutions
  • Factory automation
  • Life Science and microscopy


Another of PM’s unique features is that all critical components
are produced in our own factory in Dedemsvaart (The Netherlands).
Ours is an ultra-modern plant, featuring state-of-the art
machinery and highly skilled and motivated employees. Having our
own production facilities enables us to have full control over the
quality of our product and to meet every of our customers’ needs
by means of maximum agility.


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