Linear Motion Products

Our product range is divided into two main categories, systems and standardized components. Our standardized components are further divided into three main groups, 'linear components', 'rotation bearings' and  'Precision slides, miniature and micro tables'.



 Linear bearing components

  • Includes Linear Bearings, Monorails, Miniature Rails, Recirculating Units, Customized Bearings, Profiles
  • Types RSD, RSDE, RSDE+ACC, N/O,DSU, DSU-F,DS, PNUA and more
  • Including available accesories       





 Rotation bearings

  • Product types RPM, FMB
  • Specialized rotation bearing





 Precision slides, miniature and micro tables

  • Product types RTN/RTL, RTNA/RTLA, RTS, PMM
  • Play-free precise movement