PM-Bearings | Positioning Systems

In a few words PM - BEARINGS

  • Specialized in develop and assembly of most complex positioning systems
  • Made to custom specifications
  • Over 50 years experience
  • Siemens NX



From the start in 1966 PM-BEARINGS is specialized in developing, re-designing and assembly of  high-tech systems. This gives us the opportunity to develop and build complete high-level systems and to operate as a well-known system integrator using our own manufactured linear bearings and components. Our experienced and highly skilled mechanical and electrical engineers work on the most complex systems which are used in various applications. Discover our group website with systems we have supplied.



Twin Drive System

  • Radius of rotation 180 degrees
  • Parallel movement horizontal <2 micron
  • Parallel movement vertical <5 micron
  • Plug-and-Play


Our experts in design are working with the most modern tools as A'Cad, Pro-Engineer and Unigraphics.


The design, assembly and testing of the positioning systems take place in close cooperating with our customers.

For the assembly we offer conditioned and dust-free assembly rooms of 1000m2 and a modern cleanroom of 1000m2 which are classified as ISO Class 7 and cell specific as ISO 6 respectively.


All your complex products and assemblies are carefully inspected in one of the measuring rooms. We use advanced measuring equipment like 3-D CCM machines and laser interferometers. Test results and inspection reports are enclosed by the shipment.