Modular Square Stage MSS

Modular Square XY-Stages MSS

The MSS stage family has been designed to meet the demands for high precision X-Y stages that can be customized quickly and competitively to meet individual application needs. The standard stock sizes, travels and accuracies makes MSS stages suitable for a wide variety of applications such as micro-electronics assembly, factory automation, automatic drilling equipment and wafer inspection.

Modular Square Stage MSS

Our modular approach to the design of the MSS stages provides a large variety of options and fast delivery of the final customized product.


MSS stages use 3mm crossed rollerways which provide high stiffness and smooth motion in all axis. The available screw drives give a choice of small micro moves and high speed precision moves depending on the application demands.


The strong monolithic designed center insures superior orthogonality and stiffness. The MSS stages offer an unique combination of flexibility and fast delivery.



The table parts are made from aircraft grade aluminum for a stiffer structure.



MSS stages have a standard black anodize finishing, clear anodizing and nickle plating are on special request.


Built In Precision

Where other manufactures are millling we supply all mounting and supporting surfaces with an advanced precision grind finishing. This with the monolithic center and the use of high precision linear bearings allow us to guarantee a superior level of performance.




MSS stages are supplied with two Hall-effect end switches Honeywell 922.LC1.5-A4N-Z475 (NPN) to prevent over travel, which are adjustable over about (2x)10mm travel reduction. Repeatability of the end switches is <1%. User specified switches may be added per request.



Designing Supporting Structure

Our MSS stages should be mounted to a rigid and precision finished surface at 10 microns flatness.