Linear Bearings | RSDE

PM linear bearings RSDE are based on the conventional crossed roller linear bearings. Thanks to the deeper ground V-groove in combination with special designed cilindrical rollers, they offer higher load ratings and stiffness without changing the envelop dimensions of the linear bearings. RSDE linear bearings are used mosty in highly-dynamic applications requiring high speed, high running accuracy and outstanding quality.

RSDE Linear Bearing


Structure and Features
The construction exists of two pairs linear bearings; one pair consists of two similar 90° V-groove guideways RSDE, through-hardened and precision ground, fitted with a crossed roller cage in-between (RE cage: rollers retained). Guideways are equipped with countersunk-bored attachment holes, according to a standard configuration.

Key-features are:


  • Load capacity is approx. 3 x higher.
  • Stiffness is doubled, due to the enlarged contact area of the running surface (approx. 80% with RSDE, conventional types 35%).
  • The compact design prevents that dust and dirt enter the inside of the rollerways. The space between the rollerways is reduced to a minimum.
  • Accept higher speeds and accelerations.


Threaded holes in ends for fixing endscrews GA.
For the attachment, special screws type GD can be ordered separately.