Linear Bearings DST | DST

Linear bearings equipped with precision ground center guideway type DST are designed for applications with a special attention to a compact design and the high accurate linear motion. In combination with linear bearings type RSD, fitted with ball- or roller cages, a linear bearing design can be acheived easily.

DST Linear bearing



Structure and Features
Center guideways type DST are executed with two parallel precision ground V-grooves. Main advantage is the reduction of positioning errors during assembly. Also the supporting structure can easily be designed and machined.


In the construction they are mostly combined with linear bearing type RSD fitted with ball- or roller cages. For long stroke applications recirculating units UK- and UR-type are recommended. (listed in catalog Recirculating Bearings)

The through-hardened guideways are equipped with countersunk-bored attachment holes, according to a standard configuration.

The threaded holes in the centerline can be used for attaching emergency hard stops.

Threaded holes in ends for attaching endpieces and wipers. To ease installation, special mounting screws type GD can be ordered separately.