Linear Bearings | N/O

Linear bearings type N/O are suitable to support and guide high loads and moments very accurate. Due to the close arranged needle rollers they provide extremely high rigidity, high linear motion accuracy and a compact size.

N/O Linear bearings

Structure and Features
A typical installation consists of 2 pairs of linear bearings; each pair is made up of (2) guideways, 1, N-type (female) and 1, O-type (male), through-hardened and precision ground, with one needle roller cage in-between. The guideways are made to very high tolerances and matched together as a set. Mixing components from different sets may affect the accuracy.


Guideways are equipped with countersunk-boredattachment holes, according to a standard configuration.

Threaded holes in ends for fixing endstops and wipers.

For the attachment, special screws type GD can be ordered separately.



Notes by ordering

Normally one set linear bearings consists of: 4 pcs. guideways (=2 pairs), 2 pcs. cages and 8 pcs. endstops. (4xN-type+4xO-type)


By ordering please specify the following data:

1. Quantity and type of guideways.

2. Quantity and type of cages or max. stroke/travel.

3. Quantity and type of endstop screws or endstop pieces with or without wipers.

In case of endstop GH with GH-A wipers, and endstop GW with GW-A wipers only 4 pcs are needed.


To order one linear bearing set of 600 mm length, size 2025 for a 350 mm stroke in standard quality please specify:
2 pcs. Guideways N 2025 600

2 pcs. Guideways O 2025 600

2 pcs. Needle cages HW-15x425 mm

4 pcs. Endpieces GFN-2025

4 pcs. Endpieces GFO-2025