• High precision accuracy up tograde Q4 (+/- 2 micron).
  • Extremely smooth running.
  • Low profile design only 13 mm height.
  • Greater stability and balance by higher roll moment and high load capacity. For single rail/carriage applications.
  • Injection mold ball recirculating caps are steel reinforced offering stronger design, longer operation life and quiet and low noice ball recirculation.
  • End- and bottom seals for excellent contaminant protection and good grease retention.
  • Stainless steel version available for use in vacuum

      - environment consult PM

  • Flange is standard provided with four tapped holes to attach from above or fasten the carriage to a table from below. Enable great moment loading capacity.
  • Two-row gothic arch ball groove design enable single rail application.
  • One piece lengths over 1200 mm. Longer lengths are matched together.
  • Trackrail made from high quality bearing steel no. 1.2842, through hardened. Finished by prcision grinding offering superior rail straightness.


Custom lengths and configurations available!