Linear Miniguide DSU

DSU Miniguides in both standard and wide models are made from corrosion ressistant stainless steel. They offer a extremely low friction resistance, accurate linear motion and long term trouble free operation. The ball grooves in the rail and the carriage are ground very precisely which result in an unexcelled high running accuracy and smoothness. DSU miniguides are supplied with a light amount of preload ~0.02.Cdyn (V1) which increases the stiffness and offers a long operation lifetime.

Linear Miniguide DSU

Rail, body and balls are made from stainless steel No. 1.4034, through hardened 54-57HRc. Endcaps light metal, surface treatment. (All metal construction)


Structure and Features

  • Two-ball rows in compact design Miniguides are supplied with two rows of balls which are running in a gothic-arch groove. This design enable the carriage to take up the load and moments in all directions and reduce the size.
  • All metal construction No plastic components are used. This allows the DSUseries to be used in areas where most commercially available guides will fail and allow a higher speed capability.
  • Smooth operation A better ball recirculation to the fact that the precision grind rail and recirculating caps geometry are fitting perfectly together.
  • Cleanroom capability No seals or plastic components to rub, eliminating particulate.
  • Ease of installation Rails and carriages are mounted together and factory lubricated for quick, simple assembly.
  • Drop in replacements DSU miniguides are matching dimensions with the industry standard sizes.


Options (consult PM)

  • Complete stainless steel version.
  • Models for special environments such as UHV, high temperatures and low temperatures (cryogen).
  • Special greases.


PM is able to modify the design to customer requirements.