PNUA | Heavy-Duty Guideway

PNUA linear guides are designed to support extremely heavy loads, while ensuring a great rigidity and high degree of precision travel in linear direction. PNUA guides are orginally created for the machine tool industry but also succesfull in many other applications as grinding machines, electro-discharge machines and stamping presses. In applications where roller guides are pushed to their limits or in places where space is limited PNUA compact needle roller guides have proven their superior performance.


Structure and Features

  • Greater permissable load ratings
    Due to a longer effective line contact and the X-arrangement of the needle roller units they can carry extremely high loads and moment loadings in all directions.
  • Field maintenance / components separate to order
    Individual components such as recirculating units, track rails and wipers can be replaced in the field. They can be ordered seperately.
  • Full complement of needles/highest rigidity
    PNUA needle roller guides are robust designed and only available with full complement of needle rollers which combines a maximum loading capacity with maximum rigidity.
  • Adjustability
    The use of individual bearings permits tuning of the bearing preload in the field for different operation conditions and machine application.
  • Ultra high precision accuracy upto +/-0.0025mm
    PNUA linear guides are available in two high precision accuracy classes Q10 and Q5. Q10 is used in general machine purpose as machine centers, milling machines and stamping presses as Q5 accuracy is ideal for ultra-high precision devices as inspection scanning equipment and semiconductor equipment.



  • Ultra High Precision Class Q5
  • Matched pairs
  • Multi-section guides (length A>1400 mm)
  • Preload classes V2, V3
  • Endwipers PMA