Successful Lecture at Delft University

On February the 22nd two members of our R&D department gave a lunch lecture at the Delft University of Technology about the PM-Group and the latest developments in precision positioning.


For about 60 students of the study Precision and Microsystems Engineering it was a great opportunity to get in touch with the industry leader in precision linear bearings and positioning systems. During the lecture we gave an overview of the history of PM. It was shown how PM has transformed from a little shed in the early 60’s to the large company it is at present. PM currently employs approximately 250 people and faces challenges of today’s and tomorrow’s high-tech industry for which unique products are being developed. One mechatronic systems R&D engineer gave an inside look into his daily work. For the students it was a great opportunity to see what the high-tech industry has to offer them and how their future jobs may look like.

After the lecture, many positive reactions and a great thank you were received.

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